A vintage wedding dress and an Oklahoma wheat field…

A little vintage country photo shoot... A little vintage country photo shoot...“Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains…” A wheat field, a vintage wedding dress and a baby, doesn’t get much better than that for a photo shoot.

I think sometimes people spend way too much money on outfits for that perfect photo. I’ve had several photo shoots where the photos turned out okay, BUT the ones that make you feel something, now those are the special ones, and they have little to do with expensive outfits and fancy locations.

These photos were taken a few nights ago in an Oklahoma wheat field, just before the rain. The clouds were the perfect filter for the sunset and allowed us to be right out in the open for as long as we wanted.

The dad wore denim and a t-shirt, the baby was swaddled in a scrap piece of cream colored fabric, the little girl was in a simple white sundress and the mom… Well, that was the fun part. We mixed and matched her in a plain white tank top, a lacy cream button-up and the skirt from an old wedding dress. Repurposing and reusing things for random reasons is always one of my favorite things!

I used a few “Greater than Gatsby” actions and there you go.

Now, go clean out that old trunk and take some photos!