Santa, please don’t wake the baby…

Santa, please don't wake the baby...

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite things to do with “junk” is to create funky photo-shoot settings. I like to take things with a vintage feel or something out of the ordinary and throw it together in some mismatched fashion, just for the fun of it. It follows one of my “Golden Rules” always reuse, repurpose, recycle!

For this photo-shoot we took a vintage bed frame to a field (used an air mattress to save on some of the heavy lifting) and used layers of creams, tans and shades of white bedding and pillows. We added an aged toy baby bed, since this was a newborn session and added a Christmas wreath, milk and cookies, and a note to Santa, also subtlety announcing the holiday season.

The Sullivan’s are always awesome to work with, they just show up and let me do my thing. This quote from “Alice in Wonderland” always makes me think if this is what my clients think of my ideas… The Mad Hatter: “Have I (has she) gone mad?” Alice: “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But, I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” Hopefully, they get me, lol!

Wishing you a very vintage Christmas!


A family that camps together…


Combining vintage finds and photography is always one of my favorite things.

Lucky for me, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are always up for whatever I throw at them, lol.

My SIL contacted me about doing their family photos and we set the shoot up for this past Tuesday; however, due to the constantly changing Oklahoma weather we were quickly rained out which worked out perfect… You see, I’ve been obsessed with the “Vintage Market Days” advertising photo every since I had seen it. I’ve even been day dreaming about recreating the photo with friends and family just for fun. You know all those that find junk just as fascinating as myself.

Well, the night the photo-shoot got rained out it clicked; “How about doing a camping inspired version of the VMD photo.” It fit this family perfectly, as they are always packing up and heading to the lake.

By the next day the weather was better and I was able to gather all the items needed for this late change of ideas.  I’m somewhat ashamed (not really) to admit, that I had almost everything you see in this picture stashed somewhere between my attic and garage and only had to pick up a few random pieces at the farm.

I’m so excited about the way it turned out and somewhat jealous that I didn’t get my brood together for this awesome photo opportunity. I love it!

So, go on get your camera, grab all your junk, gather your friends and/or family, and get to shooting; options are endless, use what fits your lifestyle, and just think no hairdo or makeup required.

Finishing Touches:
A few “Greater than Gatsby” Photoshop actions were used for the finished look.

Oh, the places they’ll go…

Oh, the places they'll go...There is nothing more entertaining to me than the imagination of a child. The stories I have of my children and those of my nieces and nephews are quite priceless. Combine their stories with a little creative whimsy and this is my interpretation of what their dreams are made of.

This little photo-shoot was fun. We borrowed Grandma’s old fishing boat, filled it with vintage items I’ve collected over the years (trunks, quilts, baskets, books, etc.) and made a sail out of an old tree branch and fabric.

My nieces (Whom for the next year will be referred to as the 6-chicks!) were dressed in muted colored tanks, funky socks and leg warmers. One even wore a pair of antique aviator goggles, maybe not proper boat attire, but oh-so-cute, and perfect in the mind of a child.

A fun fact about this photo-shoot (that I realized after the shoot), the book Miss Kylie chose to look at just so happened to be one about Columbus, lol.

A vanity updo…

A Vanity Updo...Refurbishing styles are as diverse as someone’s taste, so this project may not be to everyone’s liking. I’m only saying that because my finished project is heavily distressed and not everyone goes for that. Quite frankly, it’s even a little more roughed up than what I normally would do, but over all I think it turned out nice.

My daughter picked this vanity up at a garage sale recently, the price was right, but the piece was quite disgusting, covered in spills and gunk. It had the look of someone’s starting refurb project. It’s clearly been painted with drawers purposely left unpainted, it had mismatched and missing hardware and was missing a wheel. And, it looked like it had been someone’s garage grime catch all. Unfortunately, they did a big “no-no” on the ends. They had either tried to strip the veneer and lost interest or chipped off what was loose and left the rest, either way they ended up just painting over what was left… YUCK!

So, first off to fix the sides, I cut a piece of  1/4 inch MDF, it’s small enough to fit right over the ends without messing up the integrity of the vanity. I attached the fresh cut pieces to the sides with an air nailer, insetting the nails just a bit to fill with wood puddy. Then, I ran a palm-sander over the whole piece, wiped clean and followed with 2 coats of our homemade chalk paint. After the paint dried I used the sander again to heavily distress the entire vanity, then I used a damp cloth to wipe clean before sealing with paste wax. Lastly, I added some new whitewashed cast-iron drawer pulls.

I know, I know, what’s the point of refurbing just to beat it all up again… I guess it’s just what I like to do, lol.  Honestly, I would of loved to see this in a bright color, turquoise of course, but I feel I’ve done so much of that lately. So, I decided to keep the color simple. Over all it has a heavy distressed look, but the sides have been repaired, the paint is fresh and white, the wheels are all attached and working and the pulls are all new.