Mirror, mirror on that fabulously-chic’ vanity…

Mirror, mirror on that fabulously-chic' vanity...
How did you get so adorable, lol? There is just something about a little vanity that takes you back to childhood. Not sure if it’s the idea of a child playing in her mother’s makeup or her putting on a set of grandma’s pearls, but either way anytime I see one I just picture a little girl playing with red lipstick smeared all over her face.

I feel these old time vanities are making a come back. I think they would be perfect in a retro-chic’ styled bedroom or over-sized bathroom, or even repurposed as a desk in a shabby-perfect loft.

I picked this vanity up at a garage sale a few months back and decided this past weekend to give it a makeover. From the looks of it, it’s had several makeovers with too many piled on layers of paint and stain to even nicely remove. Instantly, I knew I wasn’t going to even attempt to take it all off; besides I like my painted furniture to be roughly distressed. So, with that in mind I removed all the broken hardware and the mirror, gave it a once over with the palm sander, so (yet) another layer of paint would adhere well, wiped it down with a damp cloth and added a new layer of paint (turquoise). After the paint dried, I sanded again to distress and finished with a coat of stain (ebony). The stain was a lot darker than I normally use, but I figured since I was going with such a dark pull it would work.

After the stain dried, I reattached the mirror and added new drawer pulls. I’ve been so obsessed with these “puppy dog” pulls lately. I found them at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each (If they’re not on sale, wait a week, the pulls are 50% off just about every other week.). I just love the whimsy they bring to an already adorable piece of furniture.

Happy refurbishing people!

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A vanity updo…

A Vanity Updo...Refurbishing styles are as diverse as someone’s taste, so this project may not be to everyone’s liking. I’m only saying that because my finished project is heavily distressed and not everyone goes for that. Quite frankly, it’s even a little more roughed up than what I normally would do, but over all I think it turned out nice.

My daughter picked this vanity up at a garage sale recently, the price was right, but the piece was quite disgusting, covered in spills and gunk. It had the look of someone’s starting refurb project. It’s clearly been painted with drawers purposely left unpainted, it had mismatched and missing hardware and was missing a wheel. And, it looked like it had been someone’s garage grime catch all. Unfortunately, they did a big “no-no” on the ends. They had either tried to strip the veneer and lost interest or chipped off what was loose and left the rest, either way they ended up just painting over what was left… YUCK!

So, first off to fix the sides, I cut a piece of  1/4 inch MDF, it’s small enough to fit right over the ends without messing up the integrity of the vanity. I attached the fresh cut pieces to the sides with an air nailer, insetting the nails just a bit to fill with wood puddy. Then, I ran a palm-sander over the whole piece, wiped clean and followed with 2 coats of our homemade chalk paint. After the paint dried I used the sander again to heavily distress the entire vanity, then I used a damp cloth to wipe clean before sealing with paste wax. Lastly, I added some new whitewashed cast-iron drawer pulls.

I know, I know, what’s the point of refurbing just to beat it all up again… I guess it’s just what I like to do, lol.  Honestly, I would of loved to see this in a bright color, turquoise of course, but I feel I’ve done so much of that lately. So, I decided to keep the color simple. Over all it has a heavy distressed look, but the sides have been repaired, the paint is fresh and white, the wheels are all attached and working and the pulls are all new.