First day of second grade…

First Day of Second GradeSometimes you just can’t take life too seriously! And, I mean how can you if you’re an elementary level educator?

When my children were younger I took the usual “first day of school” photos. You know the ones, with fresh little haircuts, new clothes, shiny kicks and brand new backpacks.

Fast forward (completely too fast), and now my children are older and I don’t get those photo-ops too often.

Last year around this time, I popped on Facebook one morning and was flooded with all the “first day” photos of my friends’ children, grandchildren, family members, etc.; at that moment, my daughter was on her way out the door for her last semester of college. She was student teaching and it was her first day of first grade. So, I quickly printed off a little sign for her to hold (“First Day of First Grade,” not to be out done by all those new moms.) and grabbed my camera… You know I had to right!? My friends in Facebook-World loved it.

How quickly time does fly… As we now have found ourselves in August of the following year, this year and my daughter is an official brand new, fresh out of college, bonafide 2nd Grade Teacher!

The first day of school started hectic, so I guess some things never change and I was out the door that morning before she even started getting ready. I pleaded with her before I left, “Take a first day selfie and text it to me.” She agreed. Next thing I knew it was nearing 11 am and still no selfie. I text her, “I know it’s your first day and things are probably crazy, but you only get one first day… So, don’t forget to take a quick selfie.” This was a little extra important today as she had already planned to take one with her entire class (Would that still be a “selfie”? IDK).  Anyway, she had her selfie-stick and had printed off 27 little signs that read, “First Day of 2nd Grade” for her whole class to hold.

Next thing I knew, the day was practically gone. The suspense was making me nuts; then about 3:30 pm, I finally, get a reply. She had taken a group photo that morning and was just now sending it to me. The day had been so busy she didn’t even get to eat her lunch, she explained. She had another hour to wrap things up and then she was headed home. I didn’t have the heart to ask her, if she ever got a selfie of just her-selfie. But, I had a plan… [insert evil grin].

I figured by the end of the day, her fresh face and curled locks would end up haggard and pony-ed up, and sure enough, she walked in drained and ready for a nap. I looked at her as I stood in the kitchen cooking dinner and said, “I have an idea.” I got the-look. Then, I went on to say, “You don’t have to fix your hair or makeup or anything…”

You see, the thought had crossed my mind during the day, instead of a perfect back to school photo, let’s do something a little not-so-perfect, with maybe an over-the-top touch of silliness. My new little teacher was worn out, hair flat, clothes disheveled, tired and hadn’t eaten; that’s a little more realistic look from a teacher’s first day, I think. It didn’t take much explaining for her to see the funny in it all. We ran back to her classroom and props were laying everywhere begging to be in the photo, new supplies by the dozens, books, hand-sanitizers, etc. It was all there for the using and all too perfect! The rest is history, so they say.

We hope you enjoy her “First Day of Second Grade” photo. Not typically what we see shared on social media, but so perfectly typical of the first day of school. Okay, maybe not this silly, but you get the idea!