Not everything gold glitters…

Not everything gold glitters... Not everything gold glitters...Not everything gold glitters...

I found this not-so-cute little piano bench at a second-hand store over the summer. I guess secretly, I do love the 1970ish golden crushed velvet material. I mean, I could get behind it as a style choice, if it wasn’t in such bad shape that is.

It was obviously in need of a rescue. I first took the seat off to start on the wooden base. Normally, at this point I do some heavy sanding, but all the varnish was pretty much worn off the bench; never-the-less, I used the palm sander to hit what was left of the coating. Afterwards, my daughter used a damp cloth to wipe off the dust and painted on two coats of flat black latex paint (Allowing time between coats to dry.).

After the paint was dry I used the sander to age. Ironically, I always take something old, make it look new and then distress to make old again. May seem like a silly little cycle, but the pieces always look so much better when finished. It’s always nice to preserve the antiques when you can, but some pieces are just old, not valuable or heirloom quality and they just need a makeover. Again, I wiped the bench free from dust and finished with a medium stain (chestnut).

Now, to the seat, some will remove all the fabric and discard, and that definitely should be done if the fabric is filthy or torn. This fabric was just old and had a few stains; so I left the fabric for extra padding (and to preserve some of it’s vintage-ness). First, I cut a piece of chevron fabric large enough to wrap around all four sides, ironed the fabric and laid the seat upside down on top of the fabric. I then pulled the fabric tight (but, not too tight) and used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the seat. I recommend going back and forth doing a few staples at a time on opposite sides until you complete those sides and then go back and forth with the other two sides. It keeps the fabric from bunching or wrinkling.

Lastly, I fastened the seat to the bench with new screws.

This bench is super cute. A nice partner for a piano, but it could also make for some funky extra seating, as I find it fits perfectly under a window or it would even be fun to pair with a vanity.

A great upcycle project!

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