Who doesn’t want a life-size doodle pad…

Make a life-size doodle pad out an old window...We have a dry erase board on our icebox; it’s original purpose was a calendar, but in the last year it’s been mostly used to showcase drawings from just about everyone in the house. The other day I remembered having a Doodle Pad with a blank character face when I was little and it clicked… “Life-size Doodle Pad!”

So, I went to my local Habitat for Humanity store and picked up an old window for $4.00. I used a glass scraper and cleaned off all the old dirt and yuck, and removed all the loose old caulking and paint. If you can find windows with panels, great! This particular window didn’t have any sections; therefore, I took some old trim I had in the garage, cut to size and then hot glued them directly to the glass (let the glue cool just a bit to avoid cracking your glass). I brushed over the trim with some white paint to match the wood frame. Next, I cleaned the glass and added pictures I had Photoshop’d of the kids. These were just printed on plain copy paper. I finished off with some foam-board and tape on the back (this will make it easy to change out photos).

This is how it turned out, and it’s already being put to use, lol. I plan on hanging it up somewhere for all to see and use.

Note: Make sure to use Dry Erase markers in order to easily remove between drawings.