Even Cinderella had to do a lil’ laundry before she went to the ball…


princesslaundryI know, I know the “Princess Laundry” photos have been done. I myself have recreated the photo with a few of my nieces a time or two, but I had to remember when my children were younger the over-done studio shots were new to me and I wanted one of every thing with my precious little ones too.

This time around; however, I had a client asking and we gave the popular laundry photo our own little spin (no pun intended, lol).

Lucky for me I remembered our old small town laundromat was still equipped with vintage washing machines in the most awesomeness shades of blue-green. The rusty old exposed air ducts, chippy dingy wall paint, metal clothing rods and wire roller carts were just icing on the cake to this vintage inspired laundry shoot.

You can do it…

It’s all in the details Baby! – Clothes pins, clothes line, distressed chair, old basket, holey socks, vintage scarf, fabulous grown-up heels, a whole lot of princess dresses and a bunny!

Edited in Photoshop with “Little Luskers” actions.

Even Cinderella had to do a lil' laundry before she went to the ball...