Hide it in a barn; NO, I’m gonna let it shine…

Hide it in a barn; NO, I'm gonna let it shine...It’s getting nearly impossible to pick up a good item at an auction these days, well, let me rephrase that… To pick up a good item at a “decent price…”. Auctions have gotten so over run with dealers your average Joe just can’t get a good deal.  This time; however, I did. I found this industrial metal light stand hidden in a barn at an auction a few weeks ago; a few flashes of my bid card later it was mine.

The light was quite dirty (Did I mention I found it in a barn?), had been painted with silver spray paint a few times, was rusty and had some mismatched flood lights.

I gave it a good cleaning and white-washed it with some outdoor paint. I figured the outdoor paint would stick a little better to the surface; although, I did just lightly dry brush the paint on so that I could still have a little of that worn rusty look showing through.

I replaced the flood lights with some antique replica Edison lights. The brand I used was Marconi and they cost $5-7 a bulb; that’s way more than you should ever pay for a light bulb, but the look is oh-so-worth it and they do last a long time. The lights are even more impressive in the dark, they have that cool vintage birdcage glow. I’ve also used these lights in a chandelier in my home, they’re quite lovely.

All in all, I have a new funky lamp, that’s suitable for indoor use now and the lights are directional, so who knows, maybe they’ll be lighting up a dark corner one day or shining on some feature piece of art.