An ooh la la refurbished piece…

An ooh la la refurbished piece...

An ooh la la refurbished piece...My daughter and I wrapped up this project Sunday and brought it in from the garage. We normally have a pop of color in our living room, so I’m trying to adjust to the large white piece, but I’m loving the style.

I spotted an inspiration piece (a 1940’s French Provincial sideboard/dresser) on a vintage repurposer’s website out of Virginia and had to replicate. Our piece of the same era was picked up at a garage sale a few months back.

To achieve the look we first removed the hardware and took a palm-sander to the entire piece, at least enough to knock off the shine (sealer/coating), and wiped clean with a damp cloth. Then, we used our homemade chalk paint to paint the bottom (See the recipe here!). Once the paint dried we taped off the bottom, so the stain wouldn’t bleed on to the freshly painted white and stained the top with a dark stain (Color: ebony). We then, wiped off the stain and applied a second layer, to deepen the color, allowed it to stand a few minutes and then wiped off the excess with a clean dry cloth.

When all the paint and stain were dry, I used the sander again (on just the bottom white half) to distress and give an overall aged vintage look, wiped off the dust with a damp cloth and finished with a paste wax over the entire piece. Note: Make sure your stain is completely dry before the last sanding or dust will stick to the stained area.

Happy refurbishing people!

An ooh la la refurbished piece...


A vanity updo…

A Vanity Updo...Refurbishing styles are as diverse as someone’s taste, so this project may not be to everyone’s liking. I’m only saying that because my finished project is heavily distressed and not everyone goes for that. Quite frankly, it’s even a little more roughed up than what I normally would do, but over all I think it turned out nice.

My daughter picked this vanity up at a garage sale recently, the price was right, but the piece was quite disgusting, covered in spills and gunk. It had the look of someone’s starting refurb project. It’s clearly been painted with drawers purposely left unpainted, it had mismatched and missing hardware and was missing a wheel. And, it looked like it had been someone’s garage grime catch all. Unfortunately, they did a big “no-no” on the ends. They had either tried to strip the veneer and lost interest or chipped off what was loose and left the rest, either way they ended up just painting over what was left… YUCK!

So, first off to fix the sides, I cut a piece of  1/4 inch MDF, it’s small enough to fit right over the ends without messing up the integrity of the vanity. I attached the fresh cut pieces to the sides with an air nailer, insetting the nails just a bit to fill with wood puddy. Then, I ran a palm-sander over the whole piece, wiped clean and followed with 2 coats of our homemade chalk paint. After the paint dried I used the sander again to heavily distress the entire vanity, then I used a damp cloth to wipe clean before sealing with paste wax. Lastly, I added some new whitewashed cast-iron drawer pulls.

I know, I know, what’s the point of refurbing just to beat it all up again… I guess it’s just what I like to do, lol.  Honestly, I would of loved to see this in a bright color, turquoise of course, but I feel I’ve done so much of that lately. So, I decided to keep the color simple. Over all it has a heavy distressed look, but the sides have been repaired, the paint is fresh and white, the wheels are all attached and working and the pulls are all new.

A whimsical and functional duo…

Headboard repurposed as a chalkboard for old desk...When I go to a furniture store most salesmen won’t even waste their time on me, lol, probably because I immediately make a mad-dash back to the “clearance” section of the store. Nope, sorry boys, no commission here! Even when I plan on buying something new, it’s worth a trip to the back just to see what ding and dint, or broken item they’re still trying to get a few dollars for.

A few months ago I picked up this full-size headboard; my initial thought was… Bench. I paid a whopping $9.99 (it was originally priced $250), not sure why it was marked so cheap, it didn’t have the footboard, rails or legs for that matter… Oh wait, that’s why.  Anyway, for that price, something could be made out of it, it’s solid wood and has nice lines.

Simply by accident it’s repurpose took a sudden change. When moving things in the garage around, my daughter and I realized the width matched-up perfectly with our recently refurbished desk, and the styles seems to compliment each other. So, we had that light-bulb moment and went to work; although already white, we painted the headboard with a layer of our homemade “chalk paint” to soften it’s original bright white; distressed it to match the finish on the desk and applied a layer of paste wax. When the wax dried we painted the inset with chalkboard paint and there you have it!

All in all, it was a really simple project. It may not make since to everybody, but I find it whimsical and functional. And, no one else will have one like it!

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