Time to knock the winter off my haggling skills…

fleamarketHoly mother of “flea-market-goers,” this is what the first event of the season looked like for me just 45 mins. after they opened the doors this past Saturday morning.

I would expect this and more from a large outdoor flea market or swap meet, but this is generally a small indoor event in an over-sized building. This market is held at the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita, KS; it’s easy for me to attend, less than an hour from home and is held once a month during the mild time of the year, when it get’s too hot they skip a few.

I had a lot of fun, but I’m definitely going to have to knock the winter off my haggling skills. First off I was 45 mins. late (you should never be late, if you want the good stuff) so every single thing I wanted had already been swooped up by dealers and marked, “SOLD.” Second, twice I caught myself patiently waiting on another only to lose an item I really wanted, but didn’t get the favor in return. In fact, once I was looking at an item and a man walked up and paid for it while I still had it in my hand… Grrr!

Maybe I should of acted a little quicker or with more determination, and I wouldn’t have came home with only 2 old burlap gunny sacks ($1.00 each). That being said, never leave your kindness at the door, there is a certain etiquette to shopping at a flea market, wait your turn, let someone else finish their deal, if they walk away you’re up!  If they don’t, then kudos to them for getting something great… You’ll get the next one!