Chalk it up to my love of typography…

ChalkboardI’ve always been drawn (no pun intended) to old signs and letters. A fascination that goes back for many of us to elementary school, probably because as children, after the carefree scribble days we start actually honing our artistic skills with letters. And, don’t even get me started on the smell of the “supply store.” A whiff of old paper and led, always takes me right back to “Big Chief” tablets and No. 2 pencils, and Mr. Otipoby, my favorite art teacher of all time, also the one that used to cut our erasers off our pencils… Something about going with our instincts.

Those inspirations and some newly engaged friends led me to create this faux chalkboard. If you’re an avid Pinner, and I am. You’ve probably seen similar prints. The one’s I ran across were more contemporary, solid block backgrounds, colors and fonts; I chose to make mine in Photoshop with a chalkboard layer and fonts that lent themselves to the chalk feel and color. I also chose to alphabetize mine, just a little picky thing, but I like the way it turned out.

Creating it digitally also makes it nice, just in case I ever want to recreate, gift or share.

A few of the fonts I used:
Appleberry, A Song for Jennifer, Clementine, Grutch Shaded, Handy George, Kraft Nine, My Girl is Retro & More