It was a smashing good time…


I personally feel like this is a brilliant idea. I mean, why not? Every adult should have their very own “smash cake” photo shoot! Why should they be for just the littles?

A friend shared this idea with me a week ago and I was instantly excited. I had never seen this done before, not with an adult. Sure, I’ve seen it done with first birthdays time and time again. I’ve even taken some of these themed photos for my clients, but NEVER, not once, for an adult.

I instantly went to Pinterest. You know the place you go to find out a million other people thought of your idea first, lol?! Well, to my surprise, very little popped up. I knew it, I knew it seemed like an amazingly unique idea.

I was chomping at the bit to do this photo shoot, but my daughter, the one that get’s rooked into most of my trial ideas had just had her birthday in January. Not long ago, but long enough that I couldn’t pull off a shoot and say the photos were from her birthday; if I planned to share them on social media, that is. But, wait a minute, my son’s birthday was just days away, and not just any birthday, but a somewhat milestone… His 25th!

I eased him into the conversation, showed him some samples, explained the concept and my ideas. He gave me that, “Mom really?” look, I promised to keep it short and painless. A few little whiny “Oh, come-ons.” later and he said, “Okay.” I mean, he’s nothing if not fun. Further more, because even though I had found a few via Pinterest, the numbers representing “the guys” were pretty much non-existent and by that I mean, I found like one. So, it was game on!

I say, “DO IT!” Bribe your teens, con your 20-somethings, throw a bottle of wine at your 30-somethings, bring back some memories for your 40-somethings, and so on and so on. Whatever it takes, this is a must do photo shoot for family and friends of all ages.

We all should take those moments to feel like a kid again and what better way to do that than with an everything old is new again idea… The “smash cake!” It will be a smashing good time, I guarantee! And, there’s no better timing or more perfect excuse for an impromptu cake fight.

A few tips: To make it all seem like a real “smash cake,” you have to think 1st birthday props (e.g. chalkboards, balloons, party hats, birthday clothes, a real cake, etc.), but don’t forget the fun twists for adults (e.g. a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, your not-so-small birthday numbers, etc.). And, plan on getting messy; that’s part of the fun.

Happy smashing!


“It was a smashing good time…”