Repurposing ’round the clock…

Repurposing 'round the clock Repurposing 'round the clock
It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for junk or the otherwise discarded. I just can’t stand to see things thrown away, especially if you can repurpose them in to some creative goodness.

Not sure how this idea popped into my head. I suppose like most ideas these days you think, “Eureka! I’m so darn creative!” then after a little research on Pinterest you find out a hundred other people have already thought of that idea, lol. Well, never-the-less, my mother has an old electrical spool out by her garage that she uses as an outdoor table and every time I’ve seen that thing my mind wonders with ideas. Most recently, the idea of creating another clock came to mind. (Been there, done that, see… “Refurbing ’round the clock“.)

So, the hunt was on for a spool. Oddly enough, they’re not that hard to find if you know your resources. My mom got hers for free at our local Lowe’s. Sometimes you have to put your name on a list and wait your turn, but worth it for FREE. Also, about a month ago I had seen that Habitat for Humanity had several dropped off for resale. I never mind buying discarded items there as the profits go to help give homes to those in need. And, lastly, check with your local electrical departments, often times you’ll find that City and private companies usually toss these.
Repurposing 'round the clock

Once we acquired the spool the work began. My daughter and I, both with wrenches in hand, tackled the demolition. The rods; although, they run all the way through the spool are actually only threaded about 3 inches. With her on one side (wrench in hand) and I on the other (wrench in hand) we started… I would hold my end tight while she spun off the bolts on the other. This took a lot of elbow-grease and sometimes we both had to apply torque in different directions as the bolts were very rusty, but eventually we removed them all. At this point the wooden spool just fell apart.

We did little prep work to the piece we had removed. I literally just took a broom to sweep off all the dirt and used a damp wash cloth to wipe it down. Next, we dry brushed it with white paint and used some homemade stencils and black paint pens to create the look we wanted. (Just look at our shabby homemade, FREE stencil, lol.)

Repurposing 'round the clock

After the paint dried I used a palm sander to age the look of the fresh paint and remove any splinter hazards, wiped clean again with a damp cloth and sealed with some paste wax.

Lastly, I had my son cut the rods down with a chop saw so we could return the rusty parts that make old pieces so fabulous. To do this we just hot-glued the pieces back in the holes.

Viola’ shabby chic’ art. Not for everyone, but perfect for me!

These spools come in all sorts of sizes, but if you decide to go with the mack-daddy one like I did (Quite frankly, I think the size makes it awesome.) make sure to use heavy duty brackets and lag bolts and attach directly to your wall-studs. This one weighs a whopping 133 lbs., and you don’t want that falling on anyone or anything!

A nod to the Junk Gypsies (whom I love) as I used one of their quotes “Home is wherever I roam” for this not so little project.

Refurb, repurpose, reuse… ALWAYS! Happy creating!


3 thoughts on “Repurposing ’round the clock…

  1. I looove this and I just received a smaller scale spool the other day! Curious, mine has thick nails hammered back down into the wood so no sharp tips sticking out but, they are raised/bumpy (don’t know if that makes sense). It doesn’t look like yours had that, did they? If so, did you just paint over them? I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle them. Thanks!

    • Awe, thanks so much! Yes, mine had a ton of bent nails and heavy duty staples throughout too. I just left them all and painted over them. It did make it tough to sand (I went through 3 sheets of sanding paper, lol), but I just sort of skipped around with the sanding anyway, so it all worked out. I didn’t pull anything out. Good luck!

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