Sending up messages to Heaven…

Sending up messages to Heaven... Sending up messages to Heaven... A few days ago we released balloons to celebrate our parents anniversary; it was the first one that’s come and passed since our step-dad left us oh, too soon.

If you knew my parents you would think they were celebrating their anniversary every day. I’ve never known an actual true-life fairy-tale couple. For all the years they’ve been together they would still hold hands in the truck, still tickle-fight and laugh often… Very much in love and honored each other til death they did part.

The release was both sad and happy, but it was a way for just one little moment to bring Heaven and Earth together to celebrate.

We attached to each balloon a message “We are sending up messages to our family angel in Heaven today because he left us way too soon. If an Earth angel intercepts this message, please say a prayer for our family and know that someone out there is thinking of you! And, sending to you and yours, prayers for peace, love and happiness!” On the back of each message we wrote personal messages from several family members and friends. We also included our city and state… Who knows where they may fly…

Love like there is no tomorrow!

Shared with permission from our mom! She wants everyone to know their love and know that our step-dad was a man that wasn’t ever afraid to show his love, to hug, kiss or show affection to anyone. One heck of a guy! He’ll truly be missed.


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