Step away from the cobwebs Charlotte…

Step away from the cobwebs Charlotte... Refurbed end-tables...

Sometimes I think if flea markets were designated a color it would be brown. Ugh! I’m all for rich woods; they certainly can warm a place up and make it look sophisticated, but also it can be BORING!

So, what do you get when you take brown wood, add years of neglect and add layers on layers of cobwebs? SINFULLY BORING and a little scary! Who needs that?

I purchased this set of end-tables at an estate sale a few months back. Sadly, the house was in such disrepair (And, mind you I think everything can be fixed!) that it was a wonder anyone even entered the house.

Typical enough, I didn’t hesitate; therefore, I gained a new refurb project.

I removed the hardware… Soaped, rinsed and repeated, degreased and left a day out in the sun to let nature heal these sad little pieces and then they were ready for paint.

I veered away from my normal turquoise and painted these “mint green”, with just plain-o latex indoor paint. The top I painted white, allowed to dry and then painted them with a black harlequin pattern.

To achieve the pattern: I used a pencil to draw horizontal and vertical lines 2-inches apart across and down. Then within each 2-inch box I penciled alternating diagonal lines. At this point, I erased the pencil marks in every other row of diamonds, these remained white and then proceeded to paint the remaining rows black.

After the paint dried I used a palm sander to heavily distress the whole table. I then wiped clean with a damp cloth and used a paint brush to apply a coat of Mocha glaze, which I picked up at Lowe’s.

When the glaze was dried I re-installed the hardware. Normally, at this point, I replace the hardware, but these were already so fabulously rusted out that I reused the originals!

So, there you go a new little funky life for these cobweb covered end-tables!

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