Oh, the places they’ll go…

Oh, the places they'll go...There is nothing more entertaining to me than the imagination of a child. The stories I have of my children and those of my nieces and nephews are quite priceless. Combine their stories with a little creative whimsy and this is my interpretation of what their dreams are made of.

This little photo-shoot was fun. We borrowed Grandma’s old fishing boat, filled it with vintage items I’ve collected over the years (trunks, quilts, baskets, books, etc.) and made a sail out of an old tree branch and fabric.

My nieces (Whom for the next year will be referred to as the 6-chicks!) were dressed in muted colored tanks, funky socks and leg warmers. One even wore a pair of antique aviator goggles, maybe not proper boat attire, but oh-so-cute, and perfect in the mind of a child.

A fun fact about this photo-shoot (that I realized after the shoot), the book Miss Kylie chose to look at just so happened to be one about Columbus, lol.


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