A vintage dresser that rocks…

A vintage dresser that rocks...A vintage dresser that rocks...I’m in love with our latest refurb project! My daughter and I had to dig deep for this antique dresser at an estate sale this past weekend; literally the poor old house was about ready to fall in, but the end result made the little extra trouble so worth it.

The vintage dresser was rescued and given a good soapy bath and a rinse (Make sure to dry quickly if you ever use water, or you can surely warp your wood. I wouldn’t even recommend it on particle wood.).

First, we removed the knobs and gave it two coats of latex paint (Turquoise, my fave!). Once dry, I used a palm sander to distress all the edges and wiped clean with a damp, then dry cloth.

Decoupaging… Who says it’s just something they did in the 50’s? This was our most fun part. My daughter had seen this idea on Pinterest, where else? In which, they used storybook covers, so precious. When I had my light bulb moment, I was thinking old record album covers. I had several I had picked up at garage sales over the years for .50 cents or $1.00.

We pulled out all our old albums… Mind you, it’s so hard for me to destroy anything old, even when it doesn’t have sentimental value, but I figured so many were missing records or in a less than average condition. So, let’s do it… Then, hold the phone! I had my daughter do a quick sweep over the internet before I made my first cut and found out a few of my old albums had value. Color copies quickly became our new plan. The biggest perk, being able to have an endless gallery of images to search through, picking out our favorite bands, favorite memories, favorite songs, etc.

So, I measured the drawers and divided it as close as I could by length to keep the end size a square (Remember, I’m thinking record albums, so a square was necessary.). I figured we needed about 4 per drawer.

I made a template using Photoshop and cropped each image to the size we needed. We printed them on plain copy paper, cut and used Mod Podge to adhere the images to the drawer fronts. After placing the images, we covered with another layer of Mod Podge and allowed to dry.

After the drawers were dried, we replaced the knobs and covered the entire dresser with a quick wipe-on, wipe-off layer of a light colored stain. Warning: If the images aren’t completely covered with Mod Podge you risk a little bleeding from the stain. A little of this around the edges add to the distressed look; however, too much could ruin all your hard work.

All in all, the project was so much fun and opened the door for creativity. I hope to do one with storybooks next. The options are endless.

Happy Mod Podging!

[This item may be for sale on our Facebook page!]


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