Oh, the places they’ll go…

Oh, the places they'll go...There is nothing more entertaining to me than the imagination of a child. The stories I have of my children and those of my nieces and nephews are quite priceless. Combine their stories with a little creative whimsy and this is my interpretation of what their dreams are made of.

This little photo-shoot was fun. We borrowed Grandma’s old fishing boat, filled it with vintage items I’ve collected over the years (trunks, quilts, baskets, books, etc.) and made a sail out of an old tree branch and fabric.

My nieces (Whom for the next year will be referred to as the 6-chicks!) were dressed in muted colored tanks, funky socks and leg warmers. One even wore a pair of antique aviator goggles, maybe not proper boat attire, but oh-so-cute, and perfect in the mind of a child.

A fun fact about this photo-shoot (that I realized after the shoot), the book Miss Kylie chose to look at just so happened to be one about Columbus, lol.


A vintage dresser that rocks…

A vintage dresser that rocks...A vintage dresser that rocks...I’m in love with our latest refurb project! My daughter and I had to dig deep for this antique dresser at an estate sale this past weekend; literally the poor old house was about ready to fall in, but the end result made the little extra trouble so worth it.

The vintage dresser was rescued and given a good soapy bath and a rinse (Make sure to dry quickly if you ever use water, or you can surely warp your wood. I wouldn’t even recommend it on particle wood.).

First, we removed the knobs and gave it two coats of latex paint (Turquoise, my fave!). Once dry, I used a palm sander to distress all the edges and wiped clean with a damp, then dry cloth.

Decoupaging… Who says it’s just something they did in the 50’s? This was our most fun part. My daughter had seen this idea on Pinterest, where else? In which, they used storybook covers, so precious. When I had my light bulb moment, I was thinking old record album covers. I had several I had picked up at garage sales over the years for .50 cents or $1.00.

We pulled out all our old albums… Mind you, it’s so hard for me to destroy anything old, even when it doesn’t have sentimental value, but I figured so many were missing records or in a less than average condition. So, let’s do it… Then, hold the phone! I had my daughter do a quick sweep over the internet before I made my first cut and found out a few of my old albums had value. Color copies quickly became our new plan. The biggest perk, being able to have an endless gallery of images to search through, picking out our favorite bands, favorite memories, favorite songs, etc.

So, I measured the drawers and divided it as close as I could by length to keep the end size a square (Remember, I’m thinking record albums, so a square was necessary.). I figured we needed about 4 per drawer.

I made a template using Photoshop and cropped each image to the size we needed. We printed them on plain copy paper, cut and used Mod Podge to adhere the images to the drawer fronts. After placing the images, we covered with another layer of Mod Podge and allowed to dry.

After the drawers were dried, we replaced the knobs and covered the entire dresser with a quick wipe-on, wipe-off layer of a light colored stain. Warning: If the images aren’t completely covered with Mod Podge you risk a little bleeding from the stain. A little of this around the edges add to the distressed look; however, too much could ruin all your hard work.

All in all, the project was so much fun and opened the door for creativity. I hope to do one with storybooks next. The options are endless.

Happy Mod Podging!

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Hide it in a barn; NO, I’m gonna let it shine…

Hide it in a barn; NO, I'm gonna let it shine...It’s getting nearly impossible to pick up a good item at an auction these days, well, let me rephrase that… To pick up a good item at a “decent price…”. Auctions have gotten so over run with dealers your average Joe just can’t get a good deal.  This time; however, I did. I found this industrial metal light stand hidden in a barn at an auction a few weeks ago; a few flashes of my bid card later it was mine.

The light was quite dirty (Did I mention I found it in a barn?), had been painted with silver spray paint a few times, was rusty and had some mismatched flood lights.

I gave it a good cleaning and white-washed it with some outdoor paint. I figured the outdoor paint would stick a little better to the surface; although, I did just lightly dry brush the paint on so that I could still have a little of that worn rusty look showing through.

I replaced the flood lights with some antique replica Edison lights. The brand I used was Marconi and they cost $5-7 a bulb; that’s way more than you should ever pay for a light bulb, but the look is oh-so-worth it and they do last a long time. The lights are even more impressive in the dark, they have that cool vintage birdcage glow. I’ve also used these lights in a chandelier in my home, they’re quite lovely.

All in all, I have a new funky lamp, that’s suitable for indoor use now and the lights are directional, so who knows, maybe they’ll be lighting up a dark corner one day or shining on some feature piece of art.


I mustache you a question…

I mustache you a question...“I mustache you a question. Do you like my refurb?” Lol, shameless, I know.

Not all refurb projects are back-breaking. In fact, there wasn’t much to this little table.

I’d say the worst part was cleaning up all the filth. I found it at a garage sale a few weeks back. Now, normally the color of peach would make me feel a little yuck, but the color wasn’t the most nauseating part, this table was covered in ashes and grime. I still can’t get over someone actually offering something up for sale that had so much muck on it… But, then again, it didn’t stop me from buying it. So, I guess I’m the one off her rocker.

I cleaned the whole table with a degreaser (Windex is also awesome) to remove all the grime, tightened up the bolts on one of the legs, and gave it a good once over with ye’ole palm sander. I wiped the sanding dust off with a damp cloth and after it dried gave it 2 coats of white latex paint. After the white paint dried I drew on a mustache and painted it black.

My favorite part is always the end of a project… You know the part where you take something old, paint it to look new and then distress it on purpose, lol. I guess it’s just what I do. I again, took the palm sander and went over the entire piece, mustache and all, paying special attention to the corners and edges, wiped clean and finished with a quick, wipe on – wipe off coat of Early American stain.

Now it can have a new funky life.

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