There’s a pot of memories at the end of these rainbows…

Child's artwork merged with their photo, best keepsake...One of my all time favorite projects, and not just because the painter is my 5 year old niece, lol. To me there is no better keepsake than a photo, but a child’s artwork runs a very tight second. This project is tops, because it allows you to capture a moment in time; a photo of a child at the exact age they created their masterpiece. Also, for displaying purposes, this becomes much more than a drawing stuck on the icebox.  This image would be worthy of framing and viewing for years to come.

For this project my sister-in-law had the kids do a little finger-painting. I already had the idea in mind, so we asked them to paint rainbows. She brought me the finished dried project. A quick trip down the road let me photograph Miss Kylie with a paintbrush in hand. I returned, downloaded my photos and scanned the painted image into my computer. I used Photoshop, opened up my photography and converted it to black and white (this allows the color of the rainbow to pop) and then opened up the file with the rainbow; I simply used the “quick selection” tool to click on the white and then I selected the “inverse”; did a copy of the selected area and pasted directly onto the black and white image. If necessary you can brighten up the painting or use the “Vibrance” tool. After you paste the image use your “Eraser” tools to fine tune the placement of the image.

Most of all have fun, this is a great project to work on with your children! We have plans to do snowmen next!

Note: It was very helpful to have the image painted on bright white paper, it made for a much quicker/easier cutout.


2 thoughts on “There’s a pot of memories at the end of these rainbows…

  1. Oh Shannon, I absolutely love this picture. It is on my refrigerator & I see it all the time. I feel blessed beyond comprehension to have you in my family!!! The projects you do are absolutely amazing!! A Big Thank You from all!!

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