Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick, chick…

Homemade chicken nesting boxes out of milk crates...There is nothing better than fresh eggs (if you’re an egg person), no medication, no fillers, all natural corn fed, free range eggs!

Once I had posted on Facebook that I was raising “Pinterest Chickens” and it sent my notification feed a buzz. I guess I should feel flattered that people actually thought I was “in-the-know” of something new and trendy, but alas it was just little ol’ me repuropsing as usual.

I’d always wanted to raise chickens, in fact I tried years early and failed miserably. This time around I was determined to make it happen. My daughter and I put the cart before the horse with an impulse buy of 10 baby chicks at our local farm supply outlet, but that was okay, the weather was cooler and for the next several weeks they had to be kept under a heat lamp in our garage, which gave us time for research.

We already knew we had a small unused greenhouse that would house the chicks; what we didn’t know was how they would nest. It didn’t take long searching on the web to find a ton of brilliant ideas. Anyone that knows me probably isn’t surprised that I was instantly inspired by the nesting boxes that were created out of repurposed items.

We fashioned ours out of old milk crates (purchased for $2 each from an old farmer). We used a skill saw to cut 1/2 way down one side of each crate, used a drill and screwed right through each crate to secure it to the wood platform and lastly, filled each nest 1/2 way up with hay. The chicks love it and it’s a nice clean look!

Another idea I also loved, was the use of 5 gallon buckets laid on their sides and secured in a row. The best ones had lids attached and half the lid was cut out for entry, this would keep the eggs and hay from being knocked out.

Repurpose, resue… Always!

Note: I used 10 milk crates, even though I had read that hens will roost 4-5 to a nesting box; I guess I figured they’d have options, lol. But, it’s true, they only use about 3 of the nests.


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