Cupid has been hard at it…

valentinekarsynAnytime I can add a vintage or a repurposed piece to my photography shoots, it’s a win win. For the most part I’m a photo prop snob. I think most are quiet cheesy and overdone and I’m just not a fan. Funny though, I never seem to mind throwing some old junk in a photo-shoot. I guess to each it’s own; I just feel the old pieces add character and whimsy, and that’s the kind of thing I can get behind.

This photo-shoot was a lot of fun, I mean what time spent surrounded by cupcakes and cookies wouldn’t be, right? I had this desk on hand, since it was just recently one of my refurbished projects, and the vintage typewriter and produce scales were also lying around my garage. I pulled some old canning jars out of my cupboard and filled them with Valentine candy, a vintage pickle jar was filled with heart shaped marshmallows, the scales held some sprinkled cookies and my Grandma’s milk-glass cake plate was topped with pink and white cupcakes. Next, I hung some garland, made just for this holiday and stuck some heart-tipped arrows in a jar.  One of my favorite parts is the red heart shaped paper rolled in the typewriter and the stack of vintage Valentine’s… If you didn’t know any better you’d swear this little Cupid had been hard at it.

The wings were leftover from one of my daughter’s old costumes and the tulle skirt was made that morning. No child was frozen in this photo-shoot, lol. I held out as long as I thought I could with snowy frigged days and I finally caved. I mean after all Valentine’s was only 5 days away. So, my daughter and I braved the cold to take pictures of this desk in a snow covered wooded field and on the following day a second round of photos were taken in my heated garage. The photos were merged in Photoshop and along with a hundred other steps, a few “Greater Than Gatsby” actions were added. As always, I watched the budget on my project, in fact the only money I really spent here was the trip to the bakery. I’m sure; however, no baked good will go to waste… And, that my friends is money well spent!

Greater Than Gatsby Actions used:
Hammers and Strings


2 thoughts on “Cupid has been hard at it…

  1. I like the contrast in this image between the dark ‘dead’ looking trees compared to the pink and red of the theme. I’m similar to you and usually cringe at prop shots but like you I think prop shots have their place as long as they aren’t overdone. In saying that, I wouldn’t consider this a prop shot as such, but more of a themed shoot where you are setting a scene rather than using props in a portrait shoot.

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