Every junk princess needs a chandelier…

chandelierI love, love chandeliers and the older more rustic the better! This chandelier project had to be, by far, one of the quickest projects I’ve ever done, but you always have to be thinking outside the box when you run across these great finds to later have the materials on hand.

I found these wrought iron wall sconces at a church garage sale this past summer. I was happy when I picked them up for only $4 each (the original retail stickers on the back had them marked at $39.99 each). Note to Junkers: Anytime you find a must have at a church or charity sale, just pay the price without haggling, the money is going to a good cause. Trust me, I wanted to offer 2 for $5, but in the long run, I still walked away with an amazing deal.

I had the vision before I even purchased the sconces, and it doesn’t hurt to have a son that is a “jack-of-all-trades.” It only took minutes for him to grind off the bottoms of both pieces and then with sparks flying he sanded them smooth.  Next he clamped the pieces together back to back, fired up his welder and welded them together.

I of course marched right down to our local Habitat for Humanity, the most perfect place to pick up random items on a dime, and again the money goes to a good cause, and bought a 6 ft. section of chain link for around .50 cents. With the use of some pliers I opened a link and attached it to the chandelier. Lastly, I shot the whole piece with white spray paint, leaving a few spots of metal showing through. I feel that adds to the country girl charm of this piece.

I think it turned out perfect. I bet you’ll look at those ugly dated wall sconces differently now, and all for $8.50, I just can’t! I’ve already used it for a few photo shoots and it’s just fun to have around for decorating, after all every Junk Princess needs a chandelier!

[This item may be for sale on our Facebook page!]


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