All you need is LOVE…

IMG_9094I was inspired when I had seen some “LOVE” pillows on Pinterest awhile back, so this weekend I decided to put that inspiration to work.

If you know me you know, I always prefer creating something on a dime. In fact, I’ve often steered away from projects due to the monetary investment. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the work it takes to complete a project, but get me to spend a fortune on something that may be a fad or changed down the road… Ugh, no thank you!

Two years ago, when I purchased this sofa it had the most gosh-awful ugly down pillows ever; however, I immediately loved the red over-sized sofa. I even tried to bargain with the sales rep to see if I could change out the pillows, but that was a no-go, so when the sofa was delivered I bagged up the pillows and placed them in a closet, to be saved for a later project.

I also had a left over bolt of Muslin fabric. Don’t ask me why… Actually, I believe I bought the bolt along with some Velcro and made some homemade curtain liners some time ago. Anyway, any time you have 75% of the materials needed to make a project, you have to ask yourself, “What’s stopping you?”

So with that question in mind, this weekend I made a quick trip to our local Hobby Lobby and purchased some large sheets of stiff black felt fabric, gathered the rest of my stored materials and let the fun begin. First, I free handed some letters (1 letter per sheet) and cut them out of the felt. Then I cut 8 squares out of the Muslin (these are fairly large pillows, aprox. 20X24); I used a machine to sew the letters to the Muslin and then with front and back facing I sewed the squares leaving an opening big enough to stuff. Flipped them right-side out. Next, I pulled out my ugly down pillows, cut them open and with feathers literally flying every where proceeded to fill my new pillow shells. Lastly, I sewed the openings and VOILA! Reuse, repurpose, restore… ALWAYS!


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