If the worn out shoe fits…

TOMS SHOES REFURBEDMy daughter has a raging obsession with Toms, and I have to admit I own a few pair myself. It’s also, a gift we love to give. Two years ago we bought a pair of “Mossy Oak” Toms for a family member, but WOW, the price tag, they were a whopping $85 off of Etsy.  Oh-so-adorable, but YIKES! Ever since this project has been on my mind!  

This morning, as I looked at my daughter’s sad 4 year old pair of Toms sitting by the back door faded with a few holes, I thought, she loves them, she’s never going to throw them away and if the worn out shoe still fits, keep it!  I then thought… How did they cover them, could I, should I, can I?

The answer was easy, YES! It should always be YES! And, in this case we had nothing to lose, with the condition of this particular pair of shoes, it wasn’t going to be long before they were Duct taped or tossed.

So, I pulled the best parts of all the “how-to” videos I watched on YouTube together, added some steps of my own and this is what I did…

First off, I washed and air dried the Toms to rid them of any dirt and not trap any smells. Then, I cut a piece of fabric long enough to cover the middle section (the OSU fabric), I rolled a small hem and glued that down before I placed the fabric to keep it from fraying; cut a 1/2″ slit and glued back the sides to form a triangle where the Toms elastic could be free to do it’s job. Next, I spread glue over the entire area I was about to cover and held the fabric in place a few seconds, then I cut the fabric long enough to touch the bottom of the sole on each side, this allows for enough fabric to roll a hem and glue to the edge. I followed the same steps for the toe area, gluing the toe last and right before I laid down the fabric for the toe, I glued the inside and folded and creased both sides, to get that traditional Toms look. Last, I cut a long rectangle for the heel/side section; held the material in place and marked with a Sharpie the Toms’ heel tag area and cut this area out first. Then I glued down the heel section first and continued to glue the fabric down on both sides of the shoe, trimmed and turned the edge under for the bottom and then rolled the extra at the top over the inside. A few stick pins can be used to hold down stubborn areas til the glue dries. Don’t worry about the glue it will dry clear. I made sure to leave the Toms’ tag out on the sides and back, these extra little steps will let your Toms pride show!

A second style option, would be to not roll/glue edges.  The material will fray and may not last as long, but will give a more worn look, equally adorable!

Damage repair: If you have a hole in your Toms cut a small piece of denim from an old pair of blue jeans and glue to the inside and outside of your shoe, and allow to dry before you start adding your fabric.  The denim fabric will add strength.

Fabric of your choice (I bought a 1/4 yd. of each, I have enough to do several more)
Tacky Glue (the key to the mint) – $2.99
Pins (Optional)


Cupid has been hard at it…

valentinekarsynAnytime I can add a vintage or a repurposed piece to my photography shoots, it’s a win win. For the most part I’m a photo prop snob. I think most are quiet cheesy and overdone and I’m just not a fan. Funny though, I never seem to mind throwing some old junk in a photo-shoot. I guess to each it’s own; I just feel the old pieces add character and whimsy, and that’s the kind of thing I can get behind.

This photo-shoot was a lot of fun, I mean what time spent surrounded by cupcakes and cookies wouldn’t be, right? I had this desk on hand, since it was just recently one of my refurbished projects, and the vintage typewriter and produce scales were also lying around my garage. I pulled some old canning jars out of my cupboard and filled them with Valentine candy, a vintage pickle jar was filled with heart shaped marshmallows, the scales held some sprinkled cookies and my Grandma’s milk-glass cake plate was topped with pink and white cupcakes. Next, I hung some garland, made just for this holiday and stuck some heart-tipped arrows in a jar.  One of my favorite parts is the red heart shaped paper rolled in the typewriter and the stack of vintage Valentine’s… If you didn’t know any better you’d swear this little Cupid had been hard at it.

The wings were leftover from one of my daughter’s old costumes and the tulle skirt was made that morning. No child was frozen in this photo-shoot, lol. I held out as long as I thought I could with snowy frigged days and I finally caved. I mean after all Valentine’s was only 5 days away. So, my daughter and I braved the cold to take pictures of this desk in a snow covered wooded field and on the following day a second round of photos were taken in my heated garage. The photos were merged in Photoshop and along with a hundred other steps, a few “Greater Than Gatsby” actions were added. As always, I watched the budget on my project, in fact the only money I really spent here was the trip to the bakery. I’m sure; however, no baked good will go to waste… And, that my friends is money well spent!

Greater Than Gatsby Actions used:
Hammers and Strings

Every junk princess needs a chandelier…

chandelierI love, love chandeliers and the older more rustic the better! This chandelier project had to be, by far, one of the quickest projects I’ve ever done, but you always have to be thinking outside the box when you run across these great finds to later have the materials on hand.

I found these wrought iron wall sconces at a church garage sale this past summer. I was happy when I picked them up for only $4 each (the original retail stickers on the back had them marked at $39.99 each). Note to Junkers: Anytime you find a must have at a church or charity sale, just pay the price without haggling, the money is going to a good cause. Trust me, I wanted to offer 2 for $5, but in the long run, I still walked away with an amazing deal.

I had the vision before I even purchased the sconces, and it doesn’t hurt to have a son that is a “jack-of-all-trades.” It only took minutes for him to grind off the bottoms of both pieces and then with sparks flying he sanded them smooth.  Next he clamped the pieces together back to back, fired up his welder and welded them together.

I of course marched right down to our local Habitat for Humanity, the most perfect place to pick up random items on a dime, and again the money goes to a good cause, and bought a 6 ft. section of chain link for around .50 cents. With the use of some pliers I opened a link and attached it to the chandelier. Lastly, I shot the whole piece with white spray paint, leaving a few spots of metal showing through. I feel that adds to the country girl charm of this piece.

I think it turned out perfect. I bet you’ll look at those ugly dated wall sconces differently now, and all for $8.50, I just can’t! I’ve already used it for a few photo shoots and it’s just fun to have around for decorating, after all every Junk Princess needs a chandelier!

[This item may be for sale on our Facebook page!]

All you need is LOVE…

IMG_9094I was inspired when I had seen some “LOVE” pillows on Pinterest awhile back, so this weekend I decided to put that inspiration to work.

If you know me you know, I always prefer creating something on a dime. In fact, I’ve often steered away from projects due to the monetary investment. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the work it takes to complete a project, but get me to spend a fortune on something that may be a fad or changed down the road… Ugh, no thank you!

Two years ago, when I purchased this sofa it had the most gosh-awful ugly down pillows ever; however, I immediately loved the red over-sized sofa. I even tried to bargain with the sales rep to see if I could change out the pillows, but that was a no-go, so when the sofa was delivered I bagged up the pillows and placed them in a closet, to be saved for a later project.

I also had a left over bolt of Muslin fabric. Don’t ask me why… Actually, I believe I bought the bolt along with some Velcro and made some homemade curtain liners some time ago. Anyway, any time you have 75% of the materials needed to make a project, you have to ask yourself, “What’s stopping you?”

So with that question in mind, this weekend I made a quick trip to our local Hobby Lobby and purchased some large sheets of stiff black felt fabric, gathered the rest of my stored materials and let the fun begin. First, I free handed some letters (1 letter per sheet) and cut them out of the felt. Then I cut 8 squares out of the Muslin (these are fairly large pillows, aprox. 20X24); I used a machine to sew the letters to the Muslin and then with front and back facing I sewed the squares leaving an opening big enough to stuff. Flipped them right-side out. Next, I pulled out my ugly down pillows, cut them open and with feathers literally flying every where proceeded to fill my new pillow shells. Lastly, I sewed the openings and VOILA! Reuse, repurpose, restore… ALWAYS!