Write a blog they say, people will read it they say…

Well, I’m not entirely sure that’s the truth or if they were getting tired of my mile-long Facebook posts.

Either way here it goes, I’m “obsessed with junk” and everything that phrase entails. I have a weak spot for the vintage and the worn and if at all possible I try to save the discarded. There is rarely a roadside Flea Market or garage sale that I don’t flip-a-uy and return to, always with the highest hopes of finding something magical. Even a piece of furniture banished to the curbside gets my repurposing wheels to churning.

I read an article once where a designer said, even as a child she would rearrange her bedroom over and over. This reminded me, when I was just a child my grandma lived next door to a Salvation Army (or something of that type) and I often found myself fascinated by the mounds of items thrown away, even at a young age I rummaged through it and brought back old books, purses and broken jewelry.  And, both my grandmas would let me go through and cleanout their knick knack cabinets, luggage chests and junk drawers. To them it was probably a chore, but to me it was like searching through treasure chests.  I guess, like the designer, it’s just always been in me. I love the way old things look and feel and I always wonder of the story those pieces could tell.  I was junking when junking wasn’t cool and before there ever was a hit song about a Thrift Shop.

So, I plan on sharing my finds, my occasional repurposing and/or reclaiming projects (more often than not, a collaborative effort with my children), ideas and a little bit of life here.

Everything inspires me, YOU inspire me… I hope I can inspire you!


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